Online Chat Room


With a quarter of a million Americans diagnosed with lung cancer every year, there is an ever-increasing need for support groups. The LiveLung online community connects lung cancer survivors around the country. The LiveLung community is a place where you can meet others and share ideas and experiences surrounding lung cancer and encourage others facing similar challenges. This also is a meeting place for co-survivors. If you love and care for a lung cancer patient, YOU are a co-survivor! All are part of the lung cancer struggle and journey. Newly-diagnosed, longtime survivors, co-survivors or if someone you love was diagnosed with lung cancer, you are welcome here, and your voice matters.

An in-person support group is great but not everyone is able to join (or start) an in-person support group. And some people who are part of a local support group want to meet more often than monthly meetings.

Technology does not make a community. People within a community give it personality and life! People newly diagnosed have questions. Long-time survivors have answers. Everyone has something to offer. If you have been impacted by lung cancer you can help others (and maybe be helped) by becoming an active member of this online community.

Have you learned anything about lung cancer through your journey? Then you have something to offer those who are just starting their journey. Do you want to continue to learn about new treatments and scientific discoveries regarding lung cancer? Than become engaged with those who are on top of developing science.

The online LiveLung community welcomes, indeed needs, everyone for it to be a vibrant, engaging destination for discussion, encouragement and support among people going through a life-changing experience.

In addition to participation by everyone impacted by lung cancer, we are tapping the shoulders of active advocates we see in the lung cancer community who have natural leadership ability. We will be working with a few online moderators to help oversee the community. The primary role of moderators is to help keep the conversation moving along.

Do you really want to help? If so, we really need you.