What your gift can do:

We are a small organization, and we operate on a shoestring budget. This means that your gift of any size makes a big difference, and we know to stretch a dollar. Your gift may be used for projects like raising awareness abour radon, the #2 cause of lung cancer, and distributing free radon test kits to people in areas with high radon levels; matching funds to help those at high risk for lung cancer get screened for early detection; helping someone passionate about the cause start a lung cancer support group in their community – we give them literature and support getting it going, as well as monthly topics to share.

When you donate to the Dusty Joy Foundation, please know that we value your gift, and you can trust us to be good stewards. If you would like to direct your donation toward a particular project, please contact For more information about our programs and projects, visit .

Dedicated Gifts

If you would like to dedicate your gift in honor or memory of a loved one, process your gift using the “Donate Now” button below, and you will see an option for Dedication. We would love to feature a photo of your loved one, and a thought or two you’d like to share. Please email a photo that you have permission to share online, and what you would like your dedication to say to with the subject line: Gift Dedication.

Planning Your Legacy

We talk about the stigma of lung cancer, but do you know how far-reaching it is? That the stigma often persists after the passing of someone with lung cancer? All too often, we lose a lung cancer fighter, perhaps who was even passionate about the cause, and then we see that their family and loved ones choose to direct memorial gifts to organizations that do not focus on lung cancer. We have seen a case where a husband who passed away with lung cancer mets to the brain, had a special fund established in his name by his surviving widow to benefit people with brain cancer – not lung cancer.

If you know about the disparity of lung cancer funding, and the stigma, then we hope that you will use your breath to speak out about it. But you can also leave a legacy of awareness, even after you are gone. The amount is less important than the statement made by the gesture. Whether you designate a bequest (a certain amount of cash, securities, or property), or simply leave instructions for an organization that you would like your loved ones to donate to in lieu of flowers, the message that lung cancer is no longer hiding in the shadows will come through loud and clear.

Planned giving is very easy to arrange, and often helps your loved ones by providing them a way to honor your memory. If you have been touched by lung cancer, we hope that you will choose to speak into the future by designating Dusty Joy Foundation or another reputable lung cancer organization as a beneficiary.

For more information, talk to your financial adviser, or if we can be of service, please contact Dusty Donaldson at

Our Tax ID Number is 27-1915648.

Do you really want to help? If so, we really need you.