Lung Cancer

About The Cause

Lung cancer is perhaps the most misunderstood of all diseases. Many think they know about lung cancer. In truth, most understand very little…until lung cancer comes knocking at their door. Consider these facts:

  • The majority of those at risk do not realize they are at risk;
  • Patients are blamed for their disease;
  • Research is underfunded;
  • Ignorance about symptoms and screening abounds;
  • Screening saves lives but was only recently embraced by the medical community.

On a national level, the stigma of lung cancer has created a culture of research disparity. Lung cancer, the number 1 cancer killer, is the least funded of all major cancers in terms of federal research dollars.

The more we understand the truth about lung cancer, the more lives will be saved through screening, quality research and effective medical treatment.

But–finally–everything is changing! We have momentum! Join the movement! Make a difference!

Do you really want to help? If so, we really need you.