Radon Mitigation

If your short-term radon test kit indicated that your home has an elevated level of radon, you may want to retest to confirm the results before mitigating. If your home needs to mitigated, don’t panic. The cost is quite reasonable and inexpensive compared to other homeowner repairs. The average cost of mitigating a home is $1,200.

Gloria Linnertz, a friend who lost her husband to radon-induced lung cancer, says the cost to test and mitigate a home is “cheaper than treating lung cancer…and less painful.”

The EPA recommends that you have a qualified radon mitigation contractor fix your home. Not using a qualified mitigation contractor could actually increase the radon level in your home. The EPA has a number of helpful publications available for free download about Radon for homeowners, schools, builders, and radon professionals. See the available titles here:

To find a professional radon mitigator, visit the following:

National Radon Proficiency Program

National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)

Also, Kansas State University is a national leader in radon awareness and conducts National Radon Program Services, including the National Radon Poster Contest, National Radon Hotlines, and Referrals to State Radon Programs, Radon Test Kit Coupons, Radon Mitigation Promotion and other outreach activities.

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