Want to Help?


Help is for everyone. And here are two very good reasons why.

First, we need you.

We wholeheartedly encourage lung cancer survivors to get involved. We know that lung cancer survivors are rare. We know how few survive this diagnosis. Oftentimes fighting for their next breath is enough of a battle. For those survivors strong enough, please join us!

But we have even greater expectations from family, friends, neighbors and coworkers of lung cancer patients. We unashamedly ask every lung cancer patient’s friend or loved one to connect with an organization and support this cause in any way possible.

And from all survivors: Think twice before turning down an offer of help from a friend or loved one. Please direct them to LiveLung.org to do something—anything—by getting involved in this national movement.

It’s almost cliché. People say it instinctively. “Is there anything I can do?” But the sincere, kind-hearted person truly means it. If you are a lung cancer patient/survivor, please do not dismiss others’ offer of help. If you do not personally need their help, point them in our direction. Because we do need them. Taking action will be therapeutic for them and will greatly strengthen the lung cancer community, which leads us to the second reason to get involved.

You need us.

Getting involved provides an outlet for you and those who care about you to express concern and support. While your contribution may not directly affect your loved one, it will definitely benefit this cause, which directly and indirectly benefits all those touched by lung cancer. And if more people like you had already been doing that…well, maybe lung cancer would not be the number one cancer killer today. By contributing through volunteering or donating you are changing a part of the world that desperately needs changing.

So, you see, we need each other. Get connected with a nonprofit organization that has a mission statement specific to lung cancer. You will give and receive hope for a better future.

You will make a difference!

Do something! Do anything!

Discover your calling! Or just do one kind deed. Need suggestions? Below are a few ideas. Use them or come up with your own creative way to make a difference!

  • Start a lung cancer support group in your community.
  •  Educate yourself! Know the facts concerning lung cancer.
  • Speak up about lung cancer.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about lung cancer.
  • Find a lung cancer event in your area to support. Fly a kite, walk, run, play golf, release balloons, see a play, bake cupcakes…all for the cause.
  • Start a lung cancer event in your area.
  • Register for a lung cancer walk/run in your community. Invite others to join your team.
  • Serve as a volunteer committee member for a lung cancer event.
  • Show compassion to those fighting this disease.
  • Be a phone buddy to someone with lung cancer.
  • Keep lung cancer literature well stocked at your local cancer center. (Materials are provided free of charge by several organizations, including Lung Cancer Alliance, Free to Breathe, CancerCare and Patient Resources.)
  • Volunteer with a lung cancer organization.
  • Serve as a board member of a lung cancer nonprofit organization.
  • Make a donation to a lung cancer organization.
  • When someone tells you they have lung cancer, give them a hug. (Refrain from asking their smoking history.)
  • Be an advocate. Contact your congressman. Ask for lung cancer research funding.
  • Be vigilant in knowing lung cancer signs and symptoms. Share your knowledge.
  • Encourage those at risk to seek screening, medical advice or treatment as early as possible.
  • If you harbor resentment toward your loved ones who smoked, forgive them.
  • Read the book: 100 Questions and Answers about Lung Cancer
  • Don’t hold back. Say something kind.
  • Make welcome packages for your cancer center to distribute to newly diagnosed lung cancer patients.

Do you really want to help? If so, we really need you.