Share Your Story

Who Should Share Their Story?


If you are a Caregiver, your experiences can help someone else who is going through a similar situation. If you are a Survivor, you have credibility that is difficult for anyone else to compete with. People will listen to your story because they know they are getting it from the source. If you are a friend or loved one who lost someone to lung cancer, sharing awareness with someone else is a powerful and empowering way to process your grief and transform a loss into a legacy.

No matter where you are on the timeline of your story, you are farther along than someone else is. And for those not yet where you are, just knowing that someone made it through where they are today can be the encouragement and hope they need to get through today.

Why Should You Share Your Story?

This one is easy. How much did YOU know about lung cancer before your experience? Other people know even less. The best way for them to learn the facts about lung cancer is not by reading a statistical report, or even a brochure. The best way is if they hear it from a real person who has been touched by it in a way that they can relate to.

Also, you may not realize it yet, but sharing your story also helps YOU. You are important! And your story matters! Using your experiences—even your most painful ones—to touch others’ lives is a high calling, and one way to work through some of your emotions you may not even realize you have about this issue. Whether you are just beginning your fight, grieving a loss, or celebrating your 12th “cancerversary,” this experience is shaping who you are. Finding a positive, creative outlet to express your thoughts and feelings about this process can be very fulfilling and therapeutic.

How Long Should My Story Be?

Actually, you should have a short version, and a shorter version. 🙂

Here’s the thing: think about engaging your listener the same way you might think about fishing. If you have a short statement or question that can get their attention, let them know you have something to say that they may not already know. Invite them in to your ‘space,’ then share a little more with them. Once they have “invested” a few minutes in your story, they are more likely to continue through to get the whole picture.

How Should I Share My Story?

Tell your story any time you have a willing audience! That might be in a bank line, on the bus, while getting your chemo (hey, even breast cancer survivors need to know the facts about lung cancer!).

Also, write your story down. Think about submitting it as a letter to the editor in your local paper. Just having your story in a well-written format may open many doors you would not have otherwise expected.

Still Need Help?

Be sure to read through the suggestions on this page. If you still could use a helping hand, we would love to help you shape your story. After you have written your experiences, if you would like us to read over your story and offer some suggestions to improve it, we would be honored. Just send your story to

Do you really want to help? If so, we really need you.