Nobody invites lung cancer into their life. When it entered our lives, we realized the need for a place where people can share experiences and find a sense of community. So here we are. Welcome. We’re glad you found us.

LiveLung.org is all about lung cancer…help for newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones, stories of hope and courage, information about organizations serving the lung cancer community, resources, education, awareness and outreach tools, news and much more.

Our purpose is to build and strengthen individuals, as well as nonprofits, serving the greater lung cancer community. In addition to meeting the needs of those impacted by lung cancer, we’re here to spread knowledge and awareness to the general public.

While you’re here getting to know us, be sure to check out our core beliefs on the We Believe page.

LiveLung.org is, and will always be, a work in progress. Tell us what works… and what doesn’t. This neighborhood needs your input to be a community. Whether you have an idea to incorporate new technology, a story to tell, a new category suggestion, or you want to write a guest column, we need your contribution. And for those in a position to contribute monetarily, yes, we are accepting donations. This site operates on your good will!

Use our Contact Us page to get in touch with us anytime.

LiveLung & Prosper!
LiveLung Team

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