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We have are developing a growing network of lung cancer support groups—both online and in-person—and we’d like to invite you to join us. Coming together for educational meetings and getting to know others on a similar journey is empowering! We welcome patients and their loved ones, as well as medical providers. We want to empower others to be organizers of Join an in-person support group in their your community or become a moderator for the an online group. If there is not a local group in your community, with local support, we may be able to help start one.

If that’s more than you want to tackle, join the online conversation. You may be surprised how many new friends you will find! We’re calling the groups Live Lung, inspired by the ancient spiritual blessing, “Live long and prosper!” (I bet you thought it originated with Star Trek!)

LiveLung Groups Are

  • Educational
  • Empowering
  • Patient-driven
  • Patient-centered
  • Community-engaging

Supported by the Dusty Joy Foundation (LiveLung), a 501(3)(c) public charity serving the lung cancer community.

Learn more about how you can become involved in online and in-person LiveLung groups.

Live Lung

Find Us In

Charlotte, NC

Meets at 11:30 AM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

See event calendar

Lynn Abbott-McCloud

KRAS Kickers

For patients and care partners.
Terri Conneran

Triad Area, NC

(High Point)

Meets at 6:00 pm ET on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Dusty Donaldson

BRAF Bombers

Meets at 4pm ET the 1st Tuesday of the month.
Debbie Pickworth


(Small Cell Lung Cancer)


Dusty Donaldson

Wilmington, NC

Meets at 12:30 pm ET on the 1st Thursday of the month. 

Lynn Abbott-McCloud

National Virtual

Meets Noon ET the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Lynn Abbott-McCloud

What’s an in-person LiveLung meeting like? It’s like getting together with friends and talking about a common interest. LiveLung Groups are where those fighting lung cancer (and their loved ones) can feel welcomed, respected, and safe from the stigma that we see so much in our daily conversations.

It is where experienced survivors can share information and resources with those who are newly diagnosed. It’s a place to keep informed about new treatment breakthroughs. A place to rally around others fighting the same battle, to laugh and cry with the triumphs and losses we inevitably experience.

Have ever had the opportunity to attend a national gathering of lung cancer survivors, like LUNGevity’s Hope Summit or GO2 Lung Cancer Foundation’s Advocacy Summit?

In you have, then you have experienced firsthand the bond lung cancer survivors share. Monthly meetings are a little like these gatherings, on a smaller scale.

Each LiveLung Group is unique and takes on the interests of the members in that community, and the specific program or schedule is decided locally.

Even so, there are basic formats most groups follow. Many groups feature a guest speaker who will address a topic of interest to the group—perhaps an oncologist, a counselor, or another professional.

Sometimes they may show a short video created by LiveLung that discusses the latest breaking news in lung cancer research and treatment, or tips on handling stigma with dignity, or other relevant and timely content. There is usually time for sharing personal updates. And there’s always time to socialize and get to know folks!

LiveLung Groups are always free, always welcome to those who connect to lung cancer, and want to join a community of respect, support, and hope. It’s also a great place to get some lung cancer awareness items to start conversations with other people in your life.

Mostly, it’s a place people in the lung cancer community can call their own. We wish all in the lung cancer community to LiveLung & Prosper!